From Sarah Palin's Facebook page:

Yes! Thank you, Iowa! To all the tireless Ernst campaign workers who are “in this for a reason, not just a season,” please know your great efforts are sincerely appreciated. And to the wise Iowa voters willing to share your home state patriot with the rest of the country – thank you for making the positive difference in our nation's direction! America needs Joni; America needs you to keep supporting her bid for public service.

Congratulations, Joni Ernst! This hardworking mama grizzly will be a great representative for the GOP in this fall’s general election, so it’s time for all to come together to send this proud farmer, combat vet, constitutional conservative to Washington to join the good guys in the Senate who fight for us.

That snorting and squealing you hear tonight ( That would be D.C.’s big spenders making their noise in anticipation of a Joni Ernst victory as Iowa leads that #Roaring2November #Together!

- Sarah Palin