From Sarah Palin's Facebook page:

Barak Obama just released Islamic terrorists from GITMO, exchanging the murderers for a soldier who ended up in enemy hands five years ago amidst unexplained circumstances. Obama glowingly suggests now that he succeeded in negotiating with terrorists to seal the deal, violating America's agreement with our allies that we would not be so reckless, short-sighted and stupid as to negotiate with terrorists – and now these Islamists who hate us are free to go about their business of killing us. Meanwhile, we have a U.S. Marine detained in Mexico who is ignored by Obama – it's like someone said: "our Marine is the ONLY one Obama won't let cross the border." Obama needs to hop on Air Force One and visit our neighbors to the south to seal THAT deal because surely the Commander-in-Chief lives up to his word and 230 years of U.S. Military ethos promising we "leave no one behind."

This feel-good story doesn't feel real good, America. The timing of this is to distract from the VA scandals and other Obama Error disasters. Now more than ever we need a cornerstone of our democracy to do its job and get the answers to what the devil is going on in the White House. Media, that would be you. You prove yourselves idiots if you take for an answer that there's nothing amiss on this one either, "not even a smidgen."

As for the released soldier, let's hope he can enjoy his freedom back home. It would be wonderful for him to make it back to Idaho in time for Father's Day. Perhaps around a traditional all-American barbeque for pops, he can convince his dad there's no need to continue his anti-American rants that tear the fabric of the flag to which his son pledged allegiance.

See this article for more on that:

White House Breaks the Law Releasing These Gitmo Terrorists, Of Course Claims “Exigent Circumstances”

These concerns were passed on to me today. There will be much follow up on this very concerning situation, if the media does it's job. Let's have faith that light will shine truth in all this, via media or elected Republican leaders who are now asking questions about the Obama Administration's continual disregard for law. What do you think?

“The current Democrat administration has just released the 5 most dangerous detainees held at Gitmo in exchange for Army SGT Bowe Bergdahl. The terrorists which Obama approved for release are high ranking Taliban leaders and are responsible for murdering countless Americans (these 5 are also credited with forging working relationships with the terror group Al Qaeda in a joint effort to slaughter as many Americans as possible).

So let's get this straight, Democrats admit to breaking the law, again, (with justification of course) all in an effort to free Islamic butchers so they can pick up where they left off in terrorizing and murdering Americans and innocents around the globe.”

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I've been to the beautiful state of Idaho many times; t'was born there. Can't recall EVER thinking it was much like Afghanistan.

- Sarah Palin