From Sarah Palin's Facebook page:

Barack Hussein Obama, there you go again. You underestimated the wisdom of the people, the valor of our vets, the patriotic pride of military families, and the moral courage of our servicemen. You are shocked that our collective jaw dropped when the inner circle you command told us an anti-American deserter met your standards of having “served with honor and distinction.”

Ralph Peters has an excellent op-ed about how some members of the media and Team Obama’s inner circle are flummoxed by the Bergdahl backlash they’re receiving ( They’re clueless because too few in that elitist bubble have ever served honorably in uniform. High on their newsroom pedestals, they’re looking down rhinoplasty noses on the rest of us wondering why we’re saying “no more” to leadership actions that are patently dangerous, certainly disrespectful.

Team Obama, you feel blindsided now because you’ve gotten away for far too long with your attitude of “we know best, so go back to sleep, ye little drudges.” You've gotten away with lying, and you’re trying to get away with lying again with talking points the liberals are parroting ad nauseam about “never leaving an American behind.” You lie. You’ve left Americans behind.

You continually show your inability to comprehend the values cherished by those volunteering to serve. Take, for example, your promotion of John Kerry despite his lecturing us that kids better study up or they’ll end up like one of “those guys” (you know, our soldiers) so dumb they’re “stuck” in the military fighting for us. Try telling that to guys like an accomplished Anchorage son, Lt. Graham, leading equally proud men fulfilling their duty still “stuck” in Afghanistan fighting for us.

From the apology tours, to the military cuts, to the VA scandal’s “death panel” rationing of care for vets, to the Commander-in-chief’s blundered references to corpsmen as, ironically, “corpse-men,” Americans have patiently endured Team Obama’s military cluelessness, but even your own base is abandoning you after this latest disaster.

Mr. President, you’ve been on our case since Day One, and your constant disparaging of conservatives is, you claim, just “keeping folks accountable.” In the interests of equality, I hope you can appreciate that now America is holding Team Obama accountable for the disaster that erupted from your unbelievable terrorist negotiations – a scandal with even more disastrous long-term consequences ahead. After so many fumbles, you crossed a line into dangerous territory atop soil created by the complete opposite of “honor and distinction.” We won’t follow you there. Nor, even, I predict, will previously politically correct church leaders, influential business tycoons, down-to-earth celebrities, and low-information voters. This is part of our nation’s great awakening.

You freed terrorists who were captured for a reason. Our brave ones sacrificed blood and treasure to keep America safe by doing what you send them into war zones to do – to get the bad guys off the street. You just undid that. The icing on this devil’s food cake is that you did it for an anti-American deserter whose actions have created even more harm for his comrades and former countrymen.

This deserter chose to put our soldiers in greater danger by abandoning his post and purposefully hooking up with the enemy after writing of his disdain for the USA. He told others he was ashamed to be an American. His own father proudly shared these comments with media back in 2012. He also proclaimed while in uniform, “The horror that is America is disgusting.” And he’s the one you honor at the White House? Why not give the Rose Garden podium over to the families of the men who died during the rescue efforts mounted to find this ungrateful, disloyal, and dangerous one. In sympathy, you risked innocent lives to bring him back inside the security of the country he chose to leave! So, have you asked yourself what exactly were we “rescuing” him FROM? According to some reports, he actually renounced his citizenship, in addition to publishing his contempt for our nation, before cowardly trading himself from Team America to Team Taliban. In doing so out in the field, he may have aided our enemies of the Islamic Terrorist persuasion.

You obviously play way too much golf. At the cost of America’s faithful soldiers who’ll never get a second chance, on your scorecard a deserter gets the mulligan?

You underestimated the wisdom of the people, Commander-in-Chief, for we are horrified and disgusted by your secret negotiations with radicals to free five Islamic terrorists in exchange for an anti-American deserter whose actions got others killed. Even more disgusting is your celebration of the cowardly act that initiated this disaster.

- Sarah Palin