And so the 2014 primary season is rolling on.  June 10 will see primaries in the states of Arkansas, Maine, Nevada, North Dakota, South Carolina and Virginia.  Conservatives must get out and vote to make our voices heard concerning who we want to represent us.  South Carolina has another chance to get rid of RINO Lindsey Graham.  If you are tired of Senator Graham doing the bidding of John McCain and the democrats and then campaigning as a conservative at election time you need to vote for one of his challengers and keep him from getting over 50% of the vote.  Then in the primary runoff conservatives must unite behind whoever the challenger is.  Virginia voters have a chance to be replace Eric Cantor, who is now running ads claiming that he is against amnesty for illegal aliens, with Dave Brat.  See the links below for more information.  Voting information can always be found here.

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