Okay here we go.  We are now beginning the 2014 election primary season.  It is imperative for conservatives to get involved in this process and remove as many RINO's from office as possible.  RINO's are trying as hard as they can to pass amnesty for illegal immigrants this year and are now sounding early signs of surrender on Obamacare.  We need true conservatives in elected office, not candidates who surrender to big government liberalism again and again.  Indiana, North Carolina and Ohio have primaries on May 6.  I urge North Carolina residents to vote Brannon for U.S. Senate.  Those living in Ohio congressional district 8 can vote for J.D. Winteregg who is running against John Boehner.  Since neither Indiana nor Ohio have primary runoffs, conservatives must unite behind the best conservative who has a chance to win.  See the links below for more information.

Indiana primary candidate list and websites

North Carolina primary candidate list and websites

Ohio candidate websites