The House has set a vote on Trade Promotion Authority for Friday June 12.  This will allow President Obama to get an up or down vote on trade agreements without the possibility of adding amendments.  While this has been done during previous administrations, Congress should not be so eager to do it now. 

     This President has shown time and time again that he does not have the best interests of the US in mind when he is negotiating for other nations.  He also likes to negotiate things away from the  prying eyes of the US public.  The Trans Pacific Partnership is no different.  It is being negotiated in secret so that members of Congress don't know everything that is in it. It is more and more evident that one of the things in this agreement is a backdoor immigration plan to bring in more foreign workers.  If the republicans in Congress had any courage or wisdom they would see that everything President Obama has done during his term is to carry out his stated goal of destroying this nation and "transforming " it into something more to his liking.  Instead, the gutless GOP scrambles to pass Obamatrade to please their lobbyist donors and avoid criticism in the media by showing  that they can "get things done." 

     Republicans may vote to fast track trade agreements and say that any actual agreements can be stopped.  Don't fall for this.  Once Trade Promotion Authority is given the lobbyists and GOP leadership will drag and coerce Congress to pass whatever trade agreement this President comes up with.  Many times republican leaders have sold out to this President and promised to stand against him at some point in the future.  No more!  If you want Congress to vote against Trad Promotion Authority you must contact your representative in the House.  Go here to find your member of the House and tell them to vote no on TPA.